Message from the President

Elton Skendaj is the President of the Society for Albanian Studies. He is the Muir Associate Professor of Peace Studies at Manchester University.
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Welcome to the site of Society for Albanian Studies. We aim to promote the professional study, criticism, and research of all aspects of Albanian culture, society and politics, particularly concerning the countries of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro, as well as the Albanian diaspora worldwide.

We see this space as a forum that provides space for young and established academics to discuss and present research on Albanian studies. In our work, we use modern social science and humanities methods to investigate political and social processes in the Balkans without falling into the trap of seeing Albanian speakers as exotic cultural “others.”

As area studies research is receiving less attention in various disciplines, scholars who do field work in smaller countries are disadvantaged. That is why we recognize the scholarship of young scholars by providing the Arshi Pipa Best Graduate Student Paper Award. We also present every year the Stavro Skendi Book Prize for Achievement in Albanian Studies to the best book contributing to research in Albanian Studies.

We hope to integrate Albanian studies in the various academic disciplines by highlighting the contributions of both general and particular insights that emerge from such area studies research. If you are interested in such academic work, please join our society.

All the best,

Dr. Elton Skendaj

Society for Albanian Studies President

Gladdys Muir Associate Professor for Peace Studies

Manchester University, Indiana, USA